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The Vision Pro: Apple's High-Stakes Gamble and its Potential Impact on Mainstream XR

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Apple Vision Pro

As 3D art and mixed reality development studio, Canopy Creative, we find ourselves at an intriguing juncture in the tech world, ignited by Apple's latest venture - the Vision Pro headset.

vision pro

This device signifies Apple's foray into the realm of head-mounted devices (HMDs), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), a space where we've been passionately working for quite some time.

When we look at Apple's history, it's evident that the company has been instrumental in making advanced technologies mainstream - from smartphones to tablets and wearable tech. Their new product, the Vision Pro headset, holds the potential to give a similar push to VR, AR, and MR technologies, making them part of everyday life.

ar visualization

The Vision Pro is an immersive device that blends VR and AR technologies. It allows users to adjust their level of immersion by choosing how much of the real world they wish to see. This kind of transition between two experiences might well become a trend in future HMDs.

The device uses an array of 12 cameras to "see" the physical world and a feature called EyeSight to enable natural interactions with people around the wearer.

vision pro advertisment

Technically, the Vision Pro is quite impressive, boasting an advanced display system with "more pixels than a 4K TV to each eye" and a new chip called the R1 that processes information from various sensors to make the headset aware of its surroundings.

Yet, from our perspective, the price tag of US$3,499 seems steep for the mass market. While this price represents a collection of premium features and aligns with Apple's reputation for delivering high-end products, it may limit the device's reach to a broader audience.

What's truly disruptive about the Vision Pro, however, is its potential to become a part of Apple's wearable "ecosystem". The interoperability of Apple devices has always been a key selling point, and this headset, combined with other Apple devices, could open new possibilities for augmented reality applications.

There are still many unanswered questions about the Vision Pro, such as its availability outside the US, potential access to mixed reality applications via a web browser, and user experience from an ergonomic perspective.

Despite these uncertainties and the headset's hefty price, we see this as a positive step towards popularizing XR technologies. Companies like Apple, Meta, and Microsoft have the influence to bring these technologies to the mainstream audience.

The Vision Pro, along with other devices, could provide the foundation for developing the metaverse - an immersive world aiming for more natural social interaction.

Although some might find the Vision Pro to be an overpriced gadget, we at Canopy Creative view it as a significant milestone. Yes, the headset might be beyond the reach of the average consumer, but it also represents an important moment in the mainstream adoption of mixed reality technologies.

This is akin to the early days of smartphones; expensive initially, but eventually paving the way for a new era of communication.

We believe the same could hold true for mixed reality technologies with the entry of major players like Apple into the field. As developers in this space, we're excited about the possibilities this presents and remain committed to creating immersive experiences for all.

Potential Pros

1. Mainstream Adoption

With Apple's history of popularizing advanced technology, the Vision Pro could spur mainstream adoption of VR, AR, and MR technologies, thus opening up new opportunities for businesses in these fields.

2. Immersive Experience

The Vision Pro allows users to adjust their level of immersion, combining VR and AR experiences. This could lead to innovative applications for businesses, particularly in fields like entertainment, education, and training.

3. Interoperability

The Vision Pro's integration with Apple's ecosystem of devices could facilitate the development of new AR applications, providing businesses with more tools to engage with their customers.

4. Metaverse Development

The Vision Pro could contribute to the development of the metaverse, a new frontier for businesses looking to offer immersive, social experiences.

Potential Cons

1. High Price Point

The Vision Pro's high price may limit its reach to a broader audience, potentially slowing the rate of mainstream adoption.

2. Accessibility

It's still unclear when or if the Vision Pro will be available outside the U.S., which could limit its impact on a global scale.

3. Uncertainties

Many details about the Vision Pro, such as its ergonomic experience and web browser capabilities, remain unclear. These uncertainties could affect businesses' decisions to invest in developing applications for this platform.

The release of Apple's Vision Pro represents an exciting juncture in the evolution of mixed reality technologies. Despite its high price point and current uncertainties, we see it as a positive step towards popularizing XR technologies.

It could usher in a new era of mainstream mixed reality, similar to what happened with smartphones. For businesses like ours that are already working in this space, this release opens up the possibility for new applications, innovations, and wider acceptance of the technology.


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