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ANZAC Rising Sun Cinematic Intro

Project type

3D CGi






Effective Animations

We were privileged to contribute to the creation of a small cinematic intro for the ANZAC Rising Sun Emblem - a stirring portrayal of a potent symbol of Australian military history.​

Our contribution was significant in the development and implementation of 3D Art and VFX components, aimed at augmenting the overall visual authenticity and cinematic ambiance. We meticulously replicated the emblem's intricate details, the evolution of its design, and the spirit it encapsulates. Additionally, we were tasked with the emblem's animation and rendering.

​By the end of the project, we had not only created a compelling piece of visual art but also paid homage to the emblem's monumental importance and its steadfast position in the ANZAC legacy. This is the first modern CGI recreation of the ANZAC Rising Sun Emblem.

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