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Our team of experts specializes in 3D Art, Mixed Reality, and Custom Software Development, with decades of experience in cutting-edge industries.

We’re passionate about bringing your vision to life and ensuring that every project is unique and functional.


Our services are utilized in a wide variety of industries, including education, tourism, entertainment, Architecture, Film and VFX, Games and so much more. Turn your imagination into reality with Canopy Creative.

What We Do

We empower businesses with future technology, enabling success in a new era of digital demands.

3D Art and Animation

Bringing Concepts to Reality.
Transform your ideas into reality with our 3D Art and Animation services.

3D Products for E-commerce

Enhance online shopping experiences.

Architectural Visualizations:

Realistic property previews.

Interactive Marketing:

Engage customers creatively.

Game Assets:

High-quality elements for gaming.


Visual narratives for brands, businesses, media and history.


Interactive learning materials, boosting engagement and retention.

Our team crafts high-quality, realistic 3D models and animations, elevating yourstorytelling, enhancing educational content, and deepening audience engagement.

Popular at Canopy

What do our Clients say?

Simon Carr, Effective Animations

“Best technology, Web3.0 and 3D Art developer in Asia-Pacific region. Can build Gen AI and blockchain capabilities with a focus on customer satisfaction above all else. Love working with this team ill never go anywhere else"

Full List of 3D Art and Custom Software Services

Project Management

Art and Design

Programming and Code


  • 3D Modelling 

  • 3D Scanning 

  • Virtual Tours

  • Environment Art 

  • Game Development

  • Animation

  • App Development 

  • VR and AR

  • CGI 

  • VFX 

  • 2D Concepts 

  • Textures 

  • Simulation

  • Character Art 

  • Smart Cities 

  • Data Visualization

  • Unity 3D 

  • Unreal Engine 

  • Virtual Production 

  • Motion Graphics 

  • Editing and Cleanup 

  • Photography/Videography

  • Concept Ideation

  • IP Creation 

  • Project Management 

  • Creative Consultancy 

  • Game Design

  • Project Outline 

  • Product Design 

  • Product Definition 

  • Budget Definitions

  • Timelines

  • Project Updates

  • Project Summaries and Retrospectives

  • Sales Reports 

  • Analytics reports and Telemetry Tracking

  • Live Service

  • Creative Training

  • Ogoing Support

  • Deployment Support

  • Software Engineering

  • Ai Developement

  • Custom Database design

  • Infrastructure Design

  • Web 3.0 Development

  • NFT’s and Crypto 

  • Tech Support

  • Tech Art 

  • Game Mechanics

  • Software Engineering

  • Network engineering

  • Network Optimization

  • Network Mapping

  • Code Conventions

  • Technical Consultancy

  • Live Video Streaming 

  • VOD 

  • Transcoding 

  • Analytics 


  • Source Code and Project

  • Fabrication Prep

  • 3D Printing 

  • Silicone Molding 

  • Carpentry 

  • Metal Works 

  • Resin Works 

  • CNC Cutting 

  • Laser Engraving

  • Set Design and Fabrication

  • Prop Design and Fabrication

  • Manufacturing

  • Installations

  • Location Based Experiences 

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