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Engaging, Immersing, Educating and more...
Canopy has you covered.

3D Art and Animation

From character design to intricate environments, our expertise spans a multitude of applications including films, video games, advertisements, architectural visualizations, and product demonstrations. Harnessing the latest tools and technologies, we breathe life into your concepts, ensuring they resonate with audiences across various platforms in all 3 dimension.

Video Production

Captivate your audience with compelling storytelling and visually striking videos powered by the latest in Animation, CGI, Live Action, VR Capture and visual effects. Perfect for brand activations, narratives, education, training and simulation, bring life to your ideas with video.

Mixed Reality

Immerse your audience or team in a world of endless possibilities with our Mixed Reality experiences. From captivating simulations to interactive storytelling, our VR and AR solutions transport users to alternate realities, offering unparalleled engagement.