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Frequently Asked Questions

Find a collection of our most asked questions from which VR headset is best to the difference between AR and VR, if your curious find the answers your looking for below or reach out directly and chat with the team at Canopy Creative.

  • Can you integrate the VR/AR applications with our existing systems or software?
    Yes, we can integrate VR/AR applications with existing systems and software. Our team of experienced developers and designers are well-versed in all the latest technologies and can ensure that your VR/AR applications are seamlessly integrated with your existing systems and software.
  • Which VR Headset or AR Device should i be using for my project?
    The device is always dependant on the objective of the project. We work with you hand in hand to ensure hardwear meets the requirements of the project.
  • How long do Interactive Media and XR Products take to make?
    Timeline is tied t o complexity and budget. If you are in a rush we offer rush rates on all our services, and just as well on the opposite hand, if time is no factor but budget is on the smaller side we can take our time to work with you on the commercials. From metaverse to medieval, Canopy has you covered.
  • What is Virtual Reality (VR), and how does it differ from Augmented Reality (AR)?
    With Virtual Reality, VR, We use specialy made hardware (Headsets) to transport a user into a virtual world. With Augmented Reality AR, we use a different set of hardware to implant digital content into the users real world. Both have pros and cons, we work with our clients closely to craft the right experience for you.
  • What factors determine the cost of developing a VR/AR application or 3D art?
    Complexity, features, design, platform compatibility, and development time influence the cost of VR/AR apps and 3D art but dont worry. We work with your through every step of the process, backed by over 6 decades of experience you can be sure we find the right solution together.
  • Do i need an idea first before I engage with the canopy team ?
    No. Not at all, we combine over 6 decades on interactive media experience and will work with you prior to signing off any scopes of work to understand your businesses needs, design, adapt and deploy a worthwhile idea we build and ideate on together. Our big C word and canopy is Collaboration.
  • What industries have successfully implemented VR, AR, and 3D art, and are there any relevant use cases?
    At Canopy Creative, we have worked with a wide variety of industries implementing virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D art. We have seen great success in industries such as healthcare, automotive, retail, gaming, and education. There are many use cases for these technologies, such as providing immersive learning experiences, enabling customers to virtually test products, and creating interactive 3D displays. The possibilites are endless.
  • What are the potential scalability options for the VR/AR application or custom software?
    At Canopy Creative, we strive to create applications and software that are designed with scalability in mind. We can tailor the development of your VR/AR application or custom software to allow for easy scalability as your business grows. Our team of experienced developers can work with you to identify and develop the scalability options that best suit your needs.
  • Can you explain the process of creating custom VR/AR applications and 3D art?
    At Canopy Creative, we specialize in creating custom VR/AR applications and 3D art. Our process begins with an initial consultation to discuss the project's requirements and goals. We then work together to create a detailed project plan and timeline. From there, we use our expertise in 3D modeling, animation, and programming to create the desired product. Finally, we can assist you with the launch of the application or artwork and ongoing support.
  • How much money do i need for VR or AR Projects?
    Budgets are something that we at Canopy Creative take seriously, we understand each business has a scale and we work with you to help creatively design a project to meet your budget and goals, we have worked with businesses with as little a 4 figure budgets to up over the 6 figure bduget range. Giving all equal love.
  • How can VR, AR, and 3D art benefit my business or project?
    VR, AR, and 3D art offer several advantages: Enhanced Visualization: They provide immersive ways to showcase products and designs. Training and Education: Safe and realistic simulations aid in effective training. Engaging Marketing: Create memorable experiences for customers, boosting engagement. Product Prototyping: 3D modeling helps refine designs before physical production. Real Estate and Architecture Visualization: Virtual tours improve property showcasing. Data Visualization: VR and 3D aid in exploring complex datasets and research. Customer Support: AR offers real-time assistance and guidance to customers. Increased Sales: VR influences buying decisions with virtual experiences. Virtual Events: Host interactive virtual conferences and events. Competitive Advantage: Embracing these technologies shows innovation and forward-thinking.


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