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3D Scanning at Canopy Creative

Capturing the minutest details of objects and environments. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise in photogrammetry, and structured light scanning ensure accurate data collection for high-quality 3D models. Ideal for various applications, our 3D scanning solutions provide a gateway to replicating real-world entities in a digital format. Explore our service to elevate your project’s dimensional accuracy.

3D Scan of WW2 Crate

At Canopy Creative, we excel in advanced 3D techniques to capture and recreate reality with stunning precision.


Our 3D Scanning services utilize cutting-edge technology to produce highly accurate digital replicas of physical objects.


With Photogrammetry, we create detailed 3D models from photographs, perfect for intricate textures and complex geometries.


Gaussian Splatting enhances our capability to render complex scenes efficiently, ideal for immersive VR and AR experiences. Trust Canopy Creative to transform your ideas into captivating digital realities.

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