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Our Aproach and Process at JBMS

At JB Makes Stuff we work closely with our clients to develope a unique and individiual product and execution, focused on your goals for your project or product. Below is an outline of our general process.


Before anything else, we listen. We ask questions, and we understand.

We take the time to assess your organization's unique objectives, drivers and requirements. This thorough assessment leads to a deep understanding that informs everything we then do for you, your business and/or your project going forward.


We will present a clear, actionable proposal that aligns with your objectives. All roles at JBMS - from designers through to developers - are engaged during the project assessment and proposal phases. This shared input delivers solutions that are rigorously explored from all angles - strategic, operational, creative and technical. So, rest assured that any solution we propose will deliver a digital experience that matters ,resonates and leaves lasting impressions.


We believe in rigorous planning and an appreciation for flexibility, agility and change. Planning is crucial in communicating expectations and delivering a great project experience. We are committed to involving you in the planning process by understanding your key milestones and timelines, sharing the project resourcing and discussing any project risks. We appreciate and encourage agility and change when appropriate, then alter and communicate the plan when these arise.


Our creative process is informed, iterative and user-centric.

Our award-winning design team are committed to delivering digital

experiences that activate, reward and inspire our clients’ customers. We

deliver on this commitment by focusing on the user experience (UX),

developing sketches and wireframes to communicate these experiences then iterating based on your feedback, and feedback from real users. We don’t believe in following trends, instead it’s about developing an informed position then designing an experience that delivers to the clients' customer.


Behind any powerful digital experience lives a high-quality build.

We are truly passionate about interactive media and technology. We are the builders of the virtual world and we’re committed to making it a better place. That means doing things properly. That means developing projects that are accessible, standards-compliant and in best practice. It’s about cutting edge, not bleeding edge. And its about executing on your vision so it becomes visible, real and the best product it can be.


Testing and QA are critical to a successful digital execution. Our people are committed to delivering quality in everything they do. For this reason, we take testing and quality assurance very seriously. We undertake thorough functional, performance, cross-browser and cross-device testing throughout any project. We also believe in regular peer testing to encourage our team to support each other in our drive for



Planning, preparation and process - a winning launch strategy. When it comes time to go live, we use a series of checklists that guide everyone through the process of a successful launch. They cover best practice processes and mitigate all possible risk scenarios that we’ve experienced over the years. Just like successful takeoff, We’re confident that your launch experience will be one to celebrate!


Digital is ever-evolving. To stay ahead you need to evolve too. Your project and digital platforms are dynamic instruments that sometimes require continuous improvement to remain competitive - they are

no longer set and forget investments. Our approach to this continuous

live service is about developing a strong working relationship that

drives a deep understanding between you and the JBMS team. This deeper understanding then informs the ongoing digital activities.


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