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Unpopular Exhibit 3D Scan

Project type

360 Tour






The Powerhouse Museum - Sydney

Canopy Creative was commissioned to create an immersive 3D dollhouse and Matterport tour of the Unpopular Exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. This project aimed to bring the alternative music scene of the 1990s to life, leveraging our expertise in 3D modeling, Scanning and VR 360 technologies.

​The Unpopular Exhibit draws on the extensive archive of music promoter Stephen ‘Pav’ Pavlovic, showcasing over 200 objects from his collection. The exhibit features rare footage of live performances, unheard music demos, live audio recordings, photographs, original graphic art, posters, and fanzines. It also includes Kurt Cobain’s Martin guitar and new commissions by artist and filmmaker Julian Klincewicz and artist Lillian O’Neil.

​Our role in this project was to capture the essence of this exhibit and create a virtual tour that allows visitors to explore the exhibit from anywhere in the world. We conducted an onsite shoot at the Powerhouse Museum, capturing high-resolution 3D scans of the exhibit. Our team then post-processed these scans to create a detailed 3D dollhouse model and a Matterport tour.

The result is an interactive, immersive experience that transports visitors directly to the powerhouse, allowing them to explore the Unpopular Exhibit in detail. This project showcases our ability to create engaging, interactive experiences that bring exhibits to life and make them accessible to a global audience.

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