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The Weird Character Design

Project type

3D Character Design






Just Games

The Weird" is a 3D art project that was created for a character design to accompany ongoing work on a card game. The project depicts an eerie and intriguing character design. The central focus of the piece is an old vintage diver's helmet, which serves as the home for a lurking octopus. The octopus is shown preying on a little harmless fish, adding a sense of danger and tension to the overall composition. The project was created to be used as a card in a CCG game and it was designed to be eye-catching and memorable to the players.

The project was created using a combination of Zbrush, Maya, Keyshot, and Photoshop. Zbrush was used to sculpt the detailed textures and forms of the helmet and octopus, while Maya was used to create the overall structure and composition of the scene. Keyshot was then used to add realistic lighting and materials to the piece, bringing it to life. Finally, Photoshop was used to make final adjustments to the color and overall look of the piece.

The result is a highly detailed and visually striking piece of 3D art that captures the imagination and evokes a sense of unease. The use of an old vintage diver's helmet as the home for the octopus adds an element of nostalgia and history to the piece, while the octopus itself serves as a reminder of the power and danger of the deep sea. Overall, "The Weird" is a masterful blend of technical skill and artistic vision that creates an unforgettable character design.

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