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Racing Fence Game Prop

Project type

3D Model





Detailed Racing Barricade 3D game asset, fully textured in PBR for maximum realism. Triangle count of 12k, this asset is optimized for use in popular game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity for current and next gen, making it easy to integrate into your racing game or environment.

​This asset comes with 3 materials, including white and red options, allowing you to customize it to fit the aesthetic of your game. The high resolution textures and accurate PBR materials make this asset perfect for close-up shots and in-game action.

But that's not all, this asset comes with a modular addition of a top fence, which can be used to add more variety to your track and create a more dynamic racing experience. The main barricade and top fence modular addition can be used together or separately to create a variety of different barriers and obstacles perfect for your 3D art, VR, AR or Game Dev Needs.

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