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John Cain Arena - Proof Of Concept

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Pixon Group

Canopy Creative, working alongside Pixon Group, was commissioned to execute the "John Cain Arena LED Court Visualization Proof of Concept."

This engaging two-week endeavor was an innovative undertaking to produce a groundbreaking 3D visualization that illustrates a futuristic LED basketball and netball court, covering five aspects of game scenarios, from casual play to intense promo.

This project was designed and executed for the Pixon Group, located in Melbourne, Australia, highlighting our expertise in 3D modelling, rendering, lighting, and composition under severely challanging timelines.

Vital to the realization of this visualization was our superior 3D modeling and rendering techniques. Leveraging the power of industry-leading software like Autodesk Maya, we were able to fabricate an extraordinarily realistic representation of professional basketball at john cain arena.

Our responsibility in this project involved diligently creating and mapping each aspect of the LED court, ensuring that each detail accurately depicted the vibrancy and complexity of a real LED Floor kit.

The final outcome is a pioneering, interactive Proof of Concept that offers viewers a glimpse of an electrifying basketball and netball match experience in a futuristic LED court.

This project underscores our dedication to employing progressive technology to develop captivating and accessible digital visualizations that transcend physical limitations. As always, our work with Pixon Group stands as a testament to our aptitude in delivering top-tier, immersive digital creations quickly and efficiently.

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