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Australias Kokoda Campaign

Project type

3D Cgi






Effective Animations

Working alongside the Effective Animaitions team, Canopy Creative had the honor of contributing to the illustrious Cove Military History Series once again, a voyage into the annals of the Australian Army and ANZAC legacy. Entrusted with the helm of creative direction and technical creation for the latest episode, our team embarked on a journey through time, lending our artistic and technical acumen to bring the epochal narratives to life. Our engagement primarily hovered around infusing creative and visual enhancements, ensuring a riveting and visually engaging recountal of military tales. This collaborative venture allowed us to partake in the meticulous craft of narrating a fragment of the vast military heritage, intertwining the past with the present in a tapestry of moving visuals.

As a staple in the development process, the Canopy Creative team has now become an integral cog in the mechanism that churns out this bespoke content, specifically tailored to resonate with the ethos of the Australian Army and the indomitable spirit of ANZAC. Our journey with The Cove Military History Series is not merely a project, but a testament to our enduring commitment to quality, creativity, and technical precision. Through this collaboration, we have not only contributed to a valuable historical discourse but have also honed our skills, broadened our horizons, and fortified our position as a reliable creative companion in rendering the annals of military history with the reverence and authenticity they command.

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