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Bodhi And Ride Virtual Trainer

Project type

Ai Influencer






Oceanic Studios

Canopy Creative, in collaboration with Oceanic, was tasked with the creation of the "Bodhiand Ride Virtual Trainer Proof of Concept." This two-month-long project was a cutting-edge initiative aimed at developing a revolutionary virtual trainer that guides a rider through five levels of spin cycling classes, from warming up to sprinting. This venture was conceived and implemented for Bodhi and Ride, based in Melbourne, Australia, showcasing our capabilities in motion capture animation, game development, and language localisation.

Critical to the creation of the virtual trainer were our advanced motion capture and facial lip-sync technologies. Utilizing the cutting-edge technology of, we were able to realistically replicate the movements of professional spin instructors for the animation. We then integrated this with Realusion's facial lip-sync software to create an immersive and highly interactive training experience that feels as close as possible to real-life instruction.

Our role in this project involved meticulously mapping out and programming each spin cycling class level, ensuring that each progression accurately reflected the intensity and intricacy of a real spin cycling class. We also oversaw the creation and design of the avatar as well as finaling, post-processing, and integration of the animations into the application to run on site at the South Yarra Bodhi and Ride Location.

The end product is a state-of-the-art, interactive Proof of Concept that provides users with a personalised spin cycling class experience from the comfort of their homes. This project exemplifies our commitment to using innovative technology to create engaging and accessible digital experiences that extend beyond geographical barriers. As always, our work with Bodhiand Ride stands as a testament to our proficiency in crafting high-quality, immersive digital solutions.

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