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Prop Scan - Wood Splitter

Project type

3D Scan





Our team is always striving to stay ahead of the curve in 3D art production, and this project allowed us to test out new workflows to improve our photogrammetry timings. The end result is a stunningly accurate and highly detailed 3D model that can be used in a variety of applications, including virtual and augmented reality experiences, games, and product visualizations for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Using Unreal Engine 5, we were able to create a fully immersive 3D scene that showcases the intricate details of the wood splitting axe. From the rugged texture of the wooden handle to the sharpness of the blade, every aspect of the axe was captured in stunning detail. We're confident that our clients will be blown away by the level of realism and immersion that we can achieve with this new workflow.

At Canopy Creative, we're passionate about using the latest technologies and techniques to deliver outstanding visual content for our clients. Our team is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the industry and continuing to push the boundaries of what's possible in 3D art production. Check out our website to see more examples of our work and learn about our innovative approach to visual storytelling.

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