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Australias Battle Of Beersheeba

Project type

3D Cgi






Effective Animations

We were proud to play our part in the production of the second instalment of The Cove's Australian Army Battle Honours Series - a detailed animated depiction of Australia's involvement in the Battle of Beersheba.

​This project served as an opportunity to delve into a riveting piece of history, reconstructing the pivotal charge that was launched on 31st October 1917 by the 4th Light Horse Brigade. The assignment required us to rekindle the embers of the past, transforming written history into a visual symphony.

We collaborated closely with Effective Animations to bring this intricate narrative to life, painting a vivid image of the daring horseback charge that seized control of the crucial town of Beersheba from the Ottoman Empire. This historic moment marked the dawn of the end for Ottoman control of Palestine and became an unforgettable chapter in Australian military history.

​Our role was in the design and execution of 3D Art and VFX components, with the purpose of enhancing the video’s overall realism and cinematic quality. We painstakingly recreated the physical environment, the costumes, weaponry, and the very essence of the era. Additionally, we were responsible for the explosive effects and the surreal spectacle of the horseback charge itself.

In the creation of this video, every detail was rendered with careful consideration of historical accuracy. Our artists and technicians were diligent in their research, relying on records and accounts to accurately portray the EEF's advance, the seize of Gaza, and the daring assault on Beersheba.

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