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AR Product - Proof Of Concept

Project type

Ar Activation


March 2023


Melbourne Australia

This project, developed by Canopy Creative Design, involves the creation of an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) experience for Mighty Munch's dog probiotic powder. Utilizing the advanced capabilities of 8th Wall technology, this proof of concept aims to engage customers in an interactive and informative way, enhancing their understanding and perception of the product.

The primary goal is to create an engaging AR experience that highlights the unique benefits and ingredients of Mighty Munch's dog probiotic powder. By integrating interactive elements, we aim to educate consumers about the product in a memorable and entertaining manner.


Interactive AR Experience: Users can access the AR experience through their smartphones, immersing themselves in a virtual environment that blends with the real world.

Animated Dog Character: A central feature is an animated pup that vividly demonstrates the product's appeal to dogs. This character adds a fun and relatable aspect to the experience.

Educational Content: The AR experience is designed to educate users about the product’s benefits and ingredients. This includes detailed information on how the probiotic powder contributes to a dog's health and wellbeing.

Product Visualization: Users can visualize the probiotic powder in a 3D format, providing a better understanding of the product's texture and packaging.

Interactive Elements: The project incorporates interactive elements such as quizzes or trivia about dog health, engaging users in the learning process.

Technology Used:

8th Wall Platform: The experience is built using 8th Wall, a leading AR platform that allows for seamless integration of AR experiences on web platforms, ensuring accessibility across various devices without the need for additional apps.

This AR activation serves as a novel approach to product promotion and consumer education. By leveraging the power of AR and interactive storytelling, Canopy Creative Design aims to enhance brand engagement for Mighty Munch, ultimately driving increased interest and sales for the dog probiotic powder.

Future Prospects:

Upon successful implementation and positive consumer feedback, this proof of concept could pave the way for further AR integrations in marketing strategies, not only for Mighty Munch but also for other clients looking to innovate in product promotion and customer engagement.

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