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AI in Video Production: Canopy Creative's Investigation with 'Towering Gums'

Here at Canopy Creative, a pioneering studio specializing in 3D Art, VR, AR, and custom software development, we believe in the incredible potential at the intersection of art and technology. Our commitment to innovation frequently leads us to unexplored domains, seeking to unravel the possibilities of tomorrow.

One such journey recently saw us navigating the captivating realm of artificial intelligence (AI) in content creation, spearheaded by our Director, known to us as JB. This exploration led to the birth of a thought-provoking Public Service Announcement (PSA), "Towering Gums," entirely powered by AI.

The project originated from a desire to investigate the capabilities of AI and AI-generated art, #aiart as it's trending on social media. With the AI wave rapidly gaining momentum, JB decided it was time for us to delve deeper into this promising technology's practical applications.

This decision came with an ambitious goal: could we use AI to construct a compelling narrative around climate change that elicited powerful emotions in as little as five hours?

The first task was scripting a narrative. To this end, JB enlisted the aid of ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI. The objective was to create a powerful, emotive poem reflecting the impact of climate change, structured with a cadence akin to the celebrated poem "I love a sunburnt country." The speed and agility of AI were immediately evident. In just 20 minutes, ChatGPT helped fine-tune a captivating piece of prose that perfectly fit the bill.

Next, we employed Genny by LOVO AI, a robust tool for converting text-to-speech. Selecting the right voice to deliver the poem was crucial to maintain the emotive connection, and it quickly became clear that a young female voice encapsulated the message perfectly. This decision served to highlight the versatility of AI in tailoring content to evoke specific emotional responses.

AI Generated plate for towering gums an Ai art generated PSA

The visual elements of the PSA were created using panels generated in Midjourney. This tool proved invaluable in helping JB iterate and build the storyline, illustrating how AI has evolved to facilitate the creative ideation process. The final visual piece of the puzzle involved using Runway for animation. Mastering the various features of this AI tool, from setting styles to controlling camera angles, lenses, and lighting, was a learning curve that resulted in truly stunning outcomes.

As we dissected the process, we noted the advantages and limitations of AI. We found that while generative AI tools like Runway excel at crafting detailed, organic shapes, they still struggle with depicting precise human-made structures or dynamic movements. These insights are valuable as we strategize the integration of AI with traditional techniques for the best results.

Throughout the process of creating "Towering Gums," it became abundantly clear that AI tools, when harnessed correctly, offer a new paradigm in the world of art and design. Despite their current limitations, their potential to revolutionize content creation is immense. Not only do they facilitate speed and efficiency, but they also provide an array of options for personalization and emotional resonance.

Midjourney AI Generated plate for Towering Gums

At Canopy Creative, our exploration of AI in art doesn't end here. We are committed to learning, experimenting, and sharing our experiences. As we continue our journey, we are excited to share the lessons we've learned along the way, contributing to the global dialogue on AI's future in the creative arts.

The story of "Towering Gums" is one of exploration and discovery.

This has given us fascinating insights into the creative potential of AI, sparking further questions and opening up new avenues for exploration. This journey reinforces our belief that the intersection of art and technology is a dynamic space, ripe with opportunities for those willing to venture into the unknown.

If you would like to see how Canopy Creative can help you with your brand, project, business or services, contact the team today.


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