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Unreal Engine Brings ANZAC Heroism to Life in CGI Short Film

JB Makes Stuff, a creative agency, recently partnered with Ignition Immersive and Effective Animations to create a #CGI short film about the #ANZAC horse charge in World War 1's Battle of Beersheeba. This project was made possible thanks to the use of #Unreal Engine, a powerful tool that allowed the team at JB Makes Stuff to bring the vision to life.

The Battle of Beersheeba, which took place in 1917, was a crucial moment in World War 1. It was the first time that the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (#ANZAC) mounted a cavalry charge in the war, and it was a decisive victory for the Allied forces. The bravery and sacrifice of the ANZAC soldiers who fought in this battle has long been celebrated, and JB Makes Stuff alongside Ignition Immersive and Effective Animations was determined to do justice to their story.

To create the short film, the team turned to Unreal Engine. This powerful tool allowed them to create stunning #CGI visuals that accurately depicted the chaos, intensity and strategy of the battle. The team worked closely with Ignition Immersive and Effective Animations to ensure that every detail was captured accurately and respectfully.

The resulting short film is a powerful tribute to the ANZACs who fought in the Battle of Beersheeba. The #CGI effects, created with the help of Effective #Animations, are stunning, and the film does a great job of capturing the strategic movements and efforts of the soldiers who fought in this battle.

The use of Unreal Engine in this project allowed the team to bring a moment in history to life in a way that was both engaging and respectful. The technology enabled them to create a fully immersive experience that accurately portrays the events of the Battle of Beersheeba.

Overall, the collaboration between JB Makes Stuff, Ignition Immersive, and Effective Animations resulted in a successful project that highlights the capabilities of Unreal Engine.

This film serves as a fitting tribute to the ANZACs and the role they played in World War 1.


Creative Direction: Jesse Barratt (JB) - JBMS

Lead Art: Eglu Jovaisaite - Ignition Immersive

Jnr Art: Mitchell Saville - Ignition Immersive

Jnr Art: William Lane - Ignition Immersive

Production: Tristin Place - Ignition Immersive

Product Owner: Simon Carr - Effective Animations


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