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Canopy Creative Insights from Deloitte's Tech Trends 2023 and How We'll Apply It in 2024

As leaders in digital media and design services, the insights from Deloitte's "Tech Trends of 2023" resonate deeply with our mission at Canopy Creative. We look into Tech Trends from 2023 into 2024, pulling learnings from this assesment and looking at what we at Canopy Creative have learnt this year.

Our focus on leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional next generation experiences aligns with the report's findings. With the latest release from Deloitte, we took some time to access our findings from the report, here’s our take on their trends. Link to Deloitte Here.

canopy creative tech trends take away into 2024

Immersive Internet of Things Tech Trends from 2023 into 2024

Canopy Creative stands at the intersection of innovation and brand storytelling, ready to harness the potential of the immersive internet.

The rise of AR/VR and the metaverse heralds a new era for enterprise engagement, one where immersive experiences become the cornerstone of customer interaction.

In the Deloitte "Tech Trends 2023" report, the narrative around these technologies is clear: they are rapidly transitioning from cutting-edge curiosities to mainstream enterprise tools. This shift aligns perfectly with our vision at Canopy Creative, where we see a future where our clients don't just navigate new virtual landscapes, they help shape them.

Immersive internet of things at canopy creative

1. Metaverse Strategy Development

Canopy Creative will continue to guide our clients through the metaverse, identifying unique opportunities for brand alignment and growth within the new digital landscape.

2. AR/VR Experiential Design

We specialize in creating AR and VR experiences that go beyond novelty, offering memorable and meaningful brand interactions that enhance customer engagement, loyalty and knowledge retention.

3. Enterprise Metaverse Integration

We advocate for a seamless fusion of real-world business operations with their digital counterparts, ensuring that our clients are not just present in the metaverse but are integral to its fabric. Image digital uber eats food trucks connected to your real world account allowing food orders from the VR music festival you are currently attending.

4. Metaverse Brand Activations

Our team is poised to launch campaigns and activations within the metaverse that resonate with our clients' core values and speak directly to their audience, fostering a vibrant community around their brand.

At Canopy Creative, we are energized by the potential of the immersive internet to redefine the essence of brand experiences.

We're committed to leading our clients through this journey, transforming the way they connect, engage, and thrive in the digital realm.

Interested in the upcoming immersive internet of things ?


Opening Up to Artificial Intelligence

At Canopy Creative, we recognize the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the landscape of design and customer experiences. Deloitte's "Tech Trends 2023" report highlights the criticality of trust and transparency in AI applications, principles that are deeply ingrained in our ethos.

AI has the potential to redefine the space between creativity and efficiency, and as we integrate these technologies into our workflows and solutions, we are mindful of the ethical dimensions.

Our commitment is to harness AI not as a replacement for human ingenuity but as a complement that enhances our human-centric approach to design.

Ai at canopy creative

Here’s how Canopy envisions embracing AI.

1. Trustworthy AI

We are dedicated to developing AI solutions that are transparent, explainable, and ethical, ensuring that our clients and their customers can trust the AI-driven experiences we deliver.

Our goal is to set industry standards in ethical AI, providing a blueprint for others to follow.

2. AI as a Design Partner

AI will be our collaborative partner, augmenting the creativity of our designers and strategists, offering data-driven insights to inform design decisions, and streamlining operations to free up human talent for more creative problem solving.

3. Preparing for Generative AI

As Generative AI ready individuals will enter the workforce with AI as their co-worker, we are preparing to integrate these AI natives seamlessly into our operations.

We aim to be at the forefront of this shift, ensuring that our workforce is AI-savvy and ready to leverage these technologies effectively. To do this we aim to utilise AI tools at the heart of our workflows and pipelines, expediting developement timelines and reducing budget requirements, all whilst maintaining the high level of quality we are known for.

4. Client Education and Collaboration

We will lead by educating our clients about the benefits and challenges of AI, fostering a culture of collaboration where AI solutions are crafted with a clear understanding of their impact on business and society, with all involved.

At Canopy Creative, the opening up to AI represents an opportunity to innovate responsibly. We are excited about the possibilities AI offers and are committed to exploring these frontiers while upholding our values of trust, transparency, and ethical practice.


Taming Multi-cloud Chaos

The emergence of multi-cloud environments presents both opportunities and challenges for today’s businesses.

As Deloitte's "Tech Trends 2023" report suggests, a metacloud approach is pivotal in managing the intricacies of such diverse systems. At Canopy Creative, we embrace the role of clarifying and simplifying this chaos for our clients through strategic design and robust digital strategies.

The metacloud is not just a technical infrastructure; it's a new realm of customer and user experience that requires careful consideration and expert navigation. Here’s how we approach the multi-cloud complexity.

Multi cloud chaos at canopy creative

1. Seamless Multi-cloud Navigation

We craft interfaces and design strategies that allow for smooth navigation across multi-cloud platforms, ensuring a cohesive and intuitive user experience. Our design philosophy centers on creating simplicity out of complexity, making the multi-cloud environment accessible for all users.

2. Unified User Experience Design

Canopy Creative is focused on unifying the user experience across different cloud services. We achieve this by designing systems that feel familiar to users, regardless of the underlying cloud technology, fostering a sense of comfort and efficiency.

3. Strategic Cloud Integration

Our approach involves designing strategic integrations that leverage the strengths of different cloud services, creating a synergistic digital ecosystem that aligns with our clients' business goals.

4. Innovative Cloud Solutions

We provide innovative solutions that harness the power of multi-cloud architectures to deliver scalable and flexible design outcomes, future-proofing our clients' investments in cloud technologies.

At Canopy Creative, we understand that taming multi-cloud chaos requires a blend of technical acumen and creative design thinking.

By applying our strategic design expertise, we empower our clients to harness the full potential of their cloud investments, ensuring they deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.


Reimagining the Tech Workforce at Canopy Creative

In the dynamic world of technology, the workforce is a company's most valuable asset. Deloitte's "Tech Trends 2023" report emphasizes a pivotal shift towards a skills-based approach in hiring and career development.

Canopy Creative embraces this evolution, recognizing that a flexible, skilled workforce is essential for innovation and growth.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve at a pace, the traditional markers of qualification, such as degrees and titles, are giving way to a more nuanced understanding of skills and capabilities.

The canopy creative workforce modernized

Here's how Canopy Creative is leading the charge in reimagining the hiring process and workforce.

1. Skills-Based Hiring

Canopy Creative is adopting a skills-based hiring approach, focusing on the specific abilities and potential that individuals bring to the table. This method allows us to build a team that is diverse in experience and rich in the skills necessary to drive innovation.

2. Career Flexibility

We foster an environment where career paths are not linear but fluid, enabling our team members to explore different roles and projects that align with their evolving interests and the company's needs, not just the static path they are put on.

3. Cultivating Talent

We invest in the continuous development of our team's skills. Through innovation labs and hands-on projects, we encourage experimentation and learning through a fostered environment of active collaboration, which is key to staying ahead in a fast-changing environment.

4. Diversity and Dynamism

A diverse and dynamic team is at the heart of our culture. We believe that diverse perspectives lead to more creative solutions and a stronger, more adaptable organization.

Canopy Creative is not just responding to the changes in the tech workforce; we are actively shaping them. By valuing skills, adaptability, and continuous learning.


Decentralized Architectures and Ecosystems: A Vision by Canopy Creative

The technological landscape is undergoing a fundamental shift with the rise of decentralized architectures and ecosystems. This can no longer be argued as we move forward on this technological path. Blockchain and Web3 have transcended the realm of buzzwords to become the bedrock of a new digital era characterized by decentralized trust and transparency. Canopy Creative is at the forefront of this transformation, ready to guide businesses through the integration and adoption of these groundbreaking technologies.

In a world where digital interactions and transactions are becoming increasingly prevalent, the security and integrity of these exchanges are paramount.

decentralizing architectures at canopy creative

Here’s how Canopy Creative is leveraging decentralized technologies to benefit our clients.

1. Blockchain Integration

We see blockchain as a powerful tool for businesses to secure their operations and build trust with their customers. Our expertise in blockchain technology allows us to integrate it into client systems, enabling secure and verifiable transactions that enhance customer confidence.

2. Web3 Exploration

Web3 is not a distant concept but a present-day opportunity. We are helping businesses understand and navigate the Web3 space to take advantage of its potential for creating more connected and autonomous digital ecosystems.

3. Transparent Operations

Transparency is a cornerstone of trust in any relationship. By leveraging decentralized technologies, we ensure that our clients' operations are transparent and their data integrity is maintained, fostering trust with their users.

4. Innovation in Digital Ecosystems

As digital ecosystems become more complex, the need for innovation and simplification is clear. We are constantly exploring new ways to apply decentralized technologies to create more robust, secure, and efficient systems througout the products and applications we create.

At Canopy Creative, our excitement for decentralized technologies is matched by our commitment to exploring their potential in practical, impactful ways. We believe that blockchain and Web3 technology is ready now, not just apart of the future. We are dedicated to making that present a reality for our clients, ensuring they stay ahead in an increasingly digital world.


Mainframe Modernisation: Evolving Legacy Systems with Canopy Creative

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, mainframes have stood the test of time, remaining a critical part of the IT infrastructure for many organizations. Deloitte’s "Tech Trends 2023" report highlights the importance of modernizing these legacy systems to keep pace with technological advancements. Canopy Creative is poised to help clients navigate this journey, ensuring that the transition to modern technology is both seamless and strategic.

mainframe modernization at canopy creative

Mainframe modernization is a delicate balance between preserving the proven functionality of legacy systems and infusing them with the agility of modern technology. Here's Canopy Creative’s approach to revitalizing these crucial IT backbones:

1. Strategic Integration

We approach mainframe modernization with a strategic mindset, carefully planning integrations that breathe new life into legacy systems without disrupting the essential services they provide.

2. Technology Infusion

By infusing modern technology into existing mainframes, we offer our clients the best of both worlds: the reliability and stability of their trusted systems, enhanced with the efficiency and scalability of the latest innovations.

3. Seamless Evolution

Our aim is to ensure that our clients' mainframes evolve in a way that aligns with their current and future business objectives, enabling growth and adaptation in a digital-first world.

4. Preserving Core Value

The core systems that our clients rely on are valuable assets. Our modernization efforts focus on preserving and amplifying this value, ensuring that these systems remain a solid foundation for their operations.

At Canopy Creative, we understand that modernization is not just about keeping up with trends—it’s about setting clients up for future success. Our tailored approach to mainframe modernization ensures that our clients can embrace new technologies while maintaining the integrity and functionality of their core operations.


Embracing Deloitte’s Insights: Canopy Creative’s Strategic Future

Deloitte's report validates the strategic path that Canopy Creative has been charting since opening our doors late last year. As a design and innovation leader, our alignment with these insights equips us to steer our clients through the ever-changing technological landscape.

We are not content with merely keeping pace, our goal is to ensure that our clients are the vanguard, defining the trajectory of their industries. Our expertise and forward-thinking approach mean that we are already turning the trends identified by Deloitte into actionable strategies.

canopy creatives strategic future

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, here’s our commitment.

Future-Proof Strategies

We will continue to develop strategies that are not just responsive to current trends but are anticipatory of future developments, ensuring our clients are always ahead of the curve.

Leadership in Innovation

Canopy Creative is dedicated to leading by example, showcasing how to leverage these tech trends in ways that drive meaningful innovation and deliver tangible business outcomes.

Collaborative Transformation

Our relationship with our clients is collaborative. We work alongside them to understand their unique challenges and opportunities, crafting bespoke strategies that transform their businesses.

Sustainable Growth

The strategies we implement are designed to support sustainable growth, enabling our clients to thrive in a future where technology is inextricably linked with success.

Education and Empowerment

We believe in empowering our clients by educating them about these trends, fostering a culture of knowledge and readiness that translates into a competitive advantage.

At Canopy Creative, we are more than just a participant in the technological evolution; we are facilitators and catalysts for change. As we move forward, we remain committed to guiding our clients not just to adapt to the next wave of technological advancements but to ride it confidently, shaping the future of their industries.

If your interested in the future of technology and how you and your businesses can utilize what is available today and prepare for what is coming, contact the team at Canopy. Put your trust in a creative partner formed by ex seniors from EA, Weta Workshop, Magic Leap, Sony, Warner to name a few, and relied upon by organisations like the ADF, Effective Animations, Pixon Group and more.


The Deloitte "Tech Trends 2023" report, as interpreted through the lens of Canopy Creative, provides a comprehensive analysis of technological advancements and strategic insights that are shaping the future of businesses in Australia. Here’s a summarized overview, paired with ten practical examples of where these insights could be applied:

Immersive Internet for Enterprises: Canopy Creative is leveraging AR/VR and the metaverse to create immersive brand experiences, with applications ranging from virtual real estate tours to enhanced online education platforms.

Opening Up to AI: The company is integrating AI into its services while emphasizing transparency and ethics. This could manifest in AI-driven design tools for personalized user experiences or AI-powered analytics for market insights.

Taming Multi-cloud Chaos: Canopy Creative is utilizing a metacloud approach to simplify multi-cloud environments for clients, which could be crucial for businesses managing cross-platform e-commerce systems or cloud-based customer service platforms.

Reimagining the Tech Workforce: The company champions skills-based hiring and dynamic team development, which could influence the tech industry to focus on continuous learning platforms and collaborative work environments.

Decentralized Architectures and Ecosystems: Embracing blockchain and Web3, Canopy Creative can help in the creation of decentralized marketplaces or secure digital credentialing systems for academic institutions.

Mainframe Modernisation: Canopy Creative’s strategy to modernize legacy systems without starting from scratch could benefit banking institutions looking to upgrade their transaction processing systems or healthcare providers updating patient record management systems.

Some examples of practical applications:

  • A retail company employing AR to offer customers a virtual try-on experience for clothing and accessories.

  • Marketing agencies using AI to generate and test different digital ad campaigns, optimizing for consumer engagement.

  • Financial services adopting multi-cloud solutions to enhance their data analysis capabilities while ensuring compliance with data protection laws.

  • Tech firms establishing internal bootcamps to rapidly upskill their workforce in emerging technologies.

  • An educational institution using blockchain to issue tamper-proof digital degrees and credentials.

  • A logistics company modernizing their mainframe to integrate with IoT devices for real-time tracking of shipments.

  • Real estate agents utilizing VR to conduct virtual property showings for international buyers.

  • HR platforms deploying AI to match job seekers with roles based on skill proficiency rather than traditional resumes.

  • Government agencies implementing decentralized ledgers for public record keeping, improving transparency and reducing fraud.

  • Healthcare organizations retrofitting their mainframe systems to interface with modern patient management software, improving data flow and patient care.

Canopy Creative is well-positioned to translate these insights into strategies that businesses can implement in 2024 and beyond, ensuring they not only adapt to changes but also lead the way in technological innovation. Reach out and say g'day to the team today.


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