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Discover the Future of 3D Art and Technology: The Hottest Trends and Predictions

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

It's a thrilling time to ponder about the advancements and trends that will shape the world of 3D art and technology in the coming year. At Canopy Creative, we specialize in VR, AR, game development, and other cutting-edge forms of digital art, and we're always on the lookout for ways to help our clients stand out and stay ahead of the curve. In this post, we'll dive into some of the most unconventional and unique predictions for 2023, and explain how JB Makes Stuff is gearing up to conquer the challenges of this rapidly-evolving field.

One trend that we believe will take the 3D art world by storm in 2023 is the integration of haptic technology. Haptic technology allows for the creation of realistic and immersive touch sensations, which can greatly enhance the experience of virtual environments. Imagine being able to touch and feel virtual objects, or even feeling the sensation of wind on your skin while exploring a virtual world. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with virtual environments and we expect to see more and more companies incorporating haptic technology into their VR and AR experiences.

To keep up with this trend, Canopy Creative is investing in developing our haptic technology capabilities. We're experimenting with different haptic devices and software to create realistic and immersive touch sensations that will blow our clients' audiences away.

Another trend that we anticipate will make a big splash in 2023 is the use of generative art in 3D environments. Generative art is a form of art that is created by a computer program, rather than a human artist. With the advancements in AI and ML, we expect to see more and more generative art being used in digital environments, such as video games and virtual worlds.

Generative art has the potential to create unique and unpredictable visuals, and it can even adapt to the user's interactions in real-time, providing a truly personalized experience.

To stay ahead of this trend, Canopy Creative is dedicating resources to researching and experimenting with generative art techniques. We're exploring new ways to use AI and ML to create unique and captivating visuals that will delight our clients' audiences.

Another trend that we believe will gain momentum in 2023 is the use of 3D projection mapping. This technology allows for the projection of 3D images onto real-world surfaces, such as buildings, sculptures, and even vehicles. It can be used to create dynamic and engaging visual experiences, such as architectural visualization, advertising, and even live performances. We expect to see more and more companies using 3D projection mapping to create stunning and captivating visual experiences.

To keep up with this trend, Canopy Creative is investing in developing our 3D projection mapping capabilities. We're working with the latest tools and technologies to create dynamic and engaging 3D projections that will leave our clients' audiences in awe.

In conclusion, the world of 3D art and technology is constantly evolving, and the coming year promises to be full of exciting new developments. At Canopy Creative, we're committed to staying ahead of the curve and helping our clients do the same. Whether it's through haptic technology, generative art, 3D projection mapping, or any other unconventional and unique ideas, we're always pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the 3D art world. So, stay tuned for the exciting innovations we have in store for 2023.


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