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AI Art Use cases in Production at JBMS

As a 3D art agency, we at JB Makes Stuff are always looking for ways to incorporate technology into our production pipeline in order to increase efficiency and enhance the creative process. One area that we've been exploring recently is the use of artificial intelligence (#AI).

One way that AI can be utilized in a production pipeline is through the automation of tedious tasks. For example, when creating a 3D model for a game or film, a significant amount of time can be spent adjusting various features and details in textures and ideation.

By utilizing AI, these adjustments can be automated, allowing the artist to focus on more creative aspects of the project. This not only saves time, but also allows the artist to bring more of their own creative vision to the project more quickly.

AI can also be used in the creation of generative art, or art that is created using algorithms rather than by hand. This can be particularly useful for creating abstract or experimental art, as the algorithms can be used to explore a wide range of possibilities and come up with unexpected and unusual results. This can add an extra level of creativity to the production process, and can help to bring a fresh perspective to the project from branding through to installations.

Finally, AI can be utilized to help with the creation of virtual and augmented reality experiences. For example, if you're working on a VR game, you might want to use AI to generate realistic #3D environments. By using machine learning algorithms, you can create environments that are more detailed and lifelike than what you could create by hand. This can be especially useful for creating large and complex environments, such as a cityscape or a dense forest. This is an overlay adjunct improvement not a replacement to the creation of quality content.

Overall, the incorporation of AI into the production pipeline can bring numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, the ability to automate tedious tasks, and the opportunity to add a fresh perspective to the creative process. At JB Makes Stuff, we are excited to see the potential for AI in the art industry and are constantly exploring new ways to utilize this technology in our work like any other tool.


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